Bikini Atoll Reference Facts


Bikini Atoll

Total Land Area: 3.4 Square Miles
Bikini Island 586 acres
Eneu Island 308 acres
Total Lagoon Area: 240 Square Miles

23 Total Islands

Three Islands were vaporized during the nuclear tests: [Bokonijien, Aerokojlol, Nam]

Bikini Island was always considered the home island for the Bikinians

Above map of Bikini Atoll courtesy of Jeffrey Sasha Davis


Kili Island
(425 miles south of Bikini Atoll)

Total Land Area: 0.36 Square Miles
One island (No lagoon) 200 acres

"As soon as the war ended, we located the one spot on earth that hadn't been touched by the war and blew it to hell."
--Comedian Bob Hope commenting on Operation Crossroads

Air Temperature: 80-85 degrees all year. The months of June through December are a bit wetter though with less wind. The months of January through May are drier but with more wind.

Water Temperature: 80-85 degrees all year. There is more wave action in the months of January through May due to the trade winds.

Flora and Fauna
Food crops grown on Bikini and throughout the Marshalls include coconuts, pandanus, papaya, banana, arrowroot, taro, limes, breadfruit, and pumpkin. A wide variety of trees and other plants are also present on the islands. All fruits and vegetables used for the Bikini Atoll dive and sport fishing operation are imported.

Animal life on Bikini and throughout the Marshalls includes small lizards, hermit crabs, coconut crabs, and a wide variety of birds. Pigs, ducks and chickens are raised for food, and dogs and cats are kept as pets.


At this time the people of Bikini remain scattered throughout the Marshall Islands and the world as they wait for the cleanup of Bikini to begin in earnest, mostly due to the fact that the money they have received from the U.S. government is not adequate to fund a full radiological cleanup of the entire atoll.

As of March of 2016 the current population of Bikinians (numbers are estimated):
Kili 800
Majuro 2550

Ejit 300
Other Marshall Islands Atolls 350
U.S. & Other Countries 1400
Total: 5,400

Total Bikinians in 1946 at time of move:

Total Bikinians that were actually living on Bikini: 167
Total people living on Bikini Atoll (caretakers) 4 to 6

As of June of 2016:

Bikinians alive of the 167 that were moved from Bikini in 1946:




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