Dennis Haysbert Dives Bikini Atoll

June 9-16, 2004

Those of us who represent Bikini Atoll Divers would like to thank the entire crew from Evergreen Films for conducting themselves in such a professional manner during their one week stay on Bikini Atoll. We would especially like to thank actor Dennis Haysbert for his professionalism during the week of filming. His kind and humble attitude made a very difficult task a lot easier for all of us. During the week on Bikini Dennis broke the record for a deep dive while wearing a movie mask when he went to 165 feet beneath the HIJMS Nagato. It was a very high voltage moment for all of us when he made his own decision to do this while standing by the propellers of the ship [which is upside down]. It was also a great experience and an honor to watch world renowned underwater filmmakers Howard Hall and Bob Cranston work.

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Director: Pierre De Lespinois
Asst. Director: Monique Schwitter
Underwater filmmaker: Howard Hall
Underwater filmmaker: Bob Cranston
Underwater filmmaker: Peter Kragh
Topside camera: Bret Harding
Topside sound: Gracie Atkins
Grip: David Cole
Grip: Dennis De Lespinois
Asst. to Production: Gary Lewis

Before I close I would especially like to thank Monique Schwitter for her tireless efforts that she put forth in the making of this documentary about Bikini Atoll. We all know who did most of the work. With the help of Air Marshalls, she got everyone and everything out to Bikini and back.

-JMN 6/2004


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